Fall Kids Camp

Our "kids" with their pajama pants they made at camp.  We are scheduling our 2014 camp now.

Our “kids” with their pajama pants bags they made at camp. We are scheduling our 2014 camp now.

Sew Many Blessings Quilt Shop
1925 Adams Avenue HuntingtonWV25704 USA 
 • (304) 429-0050

New Classes

Over and Under

Over and Under

Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack

Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack

jan 2014, classes 009

Applique Baskets with Redwork and Ribbon Embroidery Accents

Applique Baskets with Redwork and Ribbon Embroidery Accents

Dresden Plate Stack-n-Whack

Dresden Plate Stack-n-Whack

A Quilt for a Die Hard Fan

A Quilt for a Die Hard Fan

Lemonade Lollipop

Lemonade Lollipop

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Charmed Bow Tucks

Charmed Bow Tucks

Aimee Bag

Aimee Bag

jan 2014, classes 005Spicy Spiral Table Runner








Sew Many Blessings is offering special Baby Lock Financing November 29th thru December 2nd


Special Financing on “all” Baby Lock Quilting and Embroidery Machines November 29th thru December 2nd

Special Financing on Baby Lock Machines March 7-11 2013

Baby Lock financing November 29th thru December 2nd

24 Months Same as Cash $1,000 to $3,999.99
48 Months Same as Cash $4,000 and above.
Come in for Special prices on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday,
Stop By For A Visit….. You Will Have “Sew” Much Fun!

2013 Mystery Harvest Shop Hop


Come see our beautiful 2013 Mystery Shop Hop Quilt.  Remember you receive a Mystery Discount during the four days of the shop hop.  October 2nd thru the 5th.mystery harvest shop hop 2013 003

Baby Lock Tiara Long Arm Quilting Machine


Finish Every Quilt With Royalty

The Tiara Long Arm Quilting Machine

The new “Tiara” is now on display in our showroom. WOW!

Stop by and take it for a “Test Sew” with one of our experts.


baby lock tiara long arm quilting machine


As the first home sewing company to bring you longarm quilting, Baby Lock is proud to introduce the Tiara.

Take your first step into the Baby Lock royal longarm family with this 16″ sit-down machine. This smooth operating, user-friendly machine comes with its own table so you’ll be ready to quilt right away. Plus, its compact design uses little sewing room space! Quilt at a speed comfortable to you, up to 1,500 stitches per minute, and watch as bright, natural colored LED lights illuminate your workspace. Finish your quilts with Baby Lock royalty – the Baby Lock Tiara. For the love of sewing.
sew many blessings tiara 2
This is a beautifully functional long arm quilting machine.
tiara 16" work space




16″ Workspace

With 16 inches to the right of the needle and 8.25 inches high, the Tiara gives ample room to finish quilts of all sizes.

baby lock tiara lighted work space




Lighted Workspace

Long-lasting, high-intensity LED lights illuminate your workspace so you can see every detail on your quilt.

baby lock tiars lcd touch screen
LCD Touch Screen

Access your hardware and software options, lighting options, stitch counters and more through the large LCD touch screen. When using the optional TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator, a quick touch is all it takes to adjust from stitch regulator and manual modes.



baby lock smooth adjustable table included







Smooth, Adjustable Table Included

The Tiara comes with its own smooth quilting table so you have everything you need to start quilting. Set your preferred height to ensure a comfortable quilting position.



baby lock large class "M" bobbin







Large “M” Class Bobbin

Enjoy less bobbin changes with the largest bobbins available in quilting (up to 40% larger than a standard bobbin). Plus, with variable speeds on the electric bobbin winder, you can easily wind thread of different types and weights.



baby lock tiars true stitch regulator option







TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator (Optional)

Enjoy free-motion quilting at a comfortable pace with the TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator. The automated regulator helps you achieve evenly spaced, consistent stitches every time. Plus, while in use, you still have full view of your quilt—TruStitch™ remains out of the way. This easy-to-use stitch regulator is helpful for quilters of all skill levels.


baby loch tiara table overlay optional







Tiara Table Overlay (Optional)

Use the Table Overlay to prevent fabric from sticking during free-motion quilting. Pair the Table Overlay with the TruStitch Stitch Regulator to glide your fabric through consistent, even stitching.


baby lock tiara horizontal spool pin







Horizontal Spool Pin

Use the Horizontal Spool Pin to reduce the risk of twists and tangles when using delicate, decorative threads. The Horizontal Spool Pin is ideal for specialty threads wound on a spool (not a cone).


baby lock tiara 3 metal m class bobbins







3 Pack Metal Bobbin

Enjoy less bobbin changes when you use large “M” class bobbins. With this pack of three, you can have multiple thread colors ready to go!





Stop By For A Visit…. You Will Have “Sew” Much Fun!

Saturday Morning at Sew Many Blessings Embroidery Univ.







Lynn and the rest of the girls getting started early on Saturday morning.








stocking up



You can’t have too much stash.







And the winner is!



And the next game winner was Terry!










Diane wins the last game and adds to her stash!










Looks like this game is getting serious.







homestead quilt


Everyone working on their Homestead Quilt.








Pam and Diane


Pam and Diane working Hard??????


The Sew Many Blessings Embroidery Retreat


The Sew Many Blessings Embroidery Retreat this weekend is booked solid.

Thank you everyone.

We are looking forward to an exciting time this weekend and will have pictures to post online next week for everyone to see.

Baby Quilt by Judy Adkins


Baby Quilt by Judy AdkinsThis is a baby quilt made by Judy Adkins for her first grandchild!

(Hope her daughter has seen this first)

Congratulations Judy…..

Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold Embroidery Sewing Machine


The Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold Embroidery Sewing Machine is a Dream to Sew On!

We have the Ellisimo Gold in the showroom for you to see today.

 Stop by and take a “test Sew” with one of our experts. See how effortlessly the Ellisimo Gold can handle your embroidery needs.


Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold Embroidery Sewing MachineDescription
You have a chance to put a piece of yourself into every project, and with the luxurious Ellisimo Gold embroidery sewing machine, you have a golden opportunity to let your creativity flourish. This smart, user-friendly machine has more features powered by IQ Technology than any other Baby Lock embroidery machine.

These innovative IQ powered features, such as the NeedleCam™ Digital Camera, OnScreen™ Designer, and Color Visualizer, work with the Ellisimo Gold’s “brain” to bring your inspiration to reality. Take advantage of this golden opportunity, and try the Ellisimo Gold sewing and embroidery machine.

Baby Lock IQ Technology TruView™ ASV LCD Color Touch Screen in HD

  • Shows over 16 million colors and 480 x 800 pixels
  • Measures 8.5″ diagonally
  • 160 degrees for optimum viewing

Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold Embroidery Sewing MachineColor Visualizer

The unique Color Visualizer feature helps to enhance your creativity by displaying your design in an endless array of color combinations. Choose from four categories: Random, Vivid, Gradient and Soft. Then watch as your designs transform on the vivid ASV LCD screen. Each color combination is just as elegant as the last, and they’ll all have you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Baby Lock IQ Technology Exclusive NeedleCam™ For Scanning and Flawless Positioning

NeedleCam™ Digital Camera for perfect embroidery and sewing positioning
Baby Lock IQ Technology Embroidery Editing and Resizing

Sometimes it’s the tiniest details that really pull a project together, and other times you need a super-sized image for a large task. With the Ellisimio Gold, you can reduce your images down to 60% or increase them up to 200%.

Baby Lock IQ Technology OnScreen Designer™ with SketchPad™ Digital Tablet

With OnScreen Designer, you can take personalization to a whole new level. Now you can produce your own embroidery designs with the SketchPad Digital Tablet. The Ellisimo Gold instantly digitizes hand-drawn designs with this revolutionary feature. Drawn and traced designs can be filled or left as an outline; either way, embroidering a completely original design has never been easier.

557 Built-In Embroidery Designs

With 557 built-in embroidery designs, the Ellisimo Gold is constructed to help your imagination reach new heights. The Ellisimo Gold features hundreds of exclusive designs including 39 from Nancy Zieman herself! Now you can truly sew like Nancy.


Baby Lock Ellisiom Gold Embroidery Sewing Machine Stadium LightingStadium Lighting

Shine a spotlight on your projects with Stadium lighting™. This system uses 8 high-color LED lights to illuminate the needle and work area for brighter true color LED lighting. By surrounding your needle with up to 10 inches of light, you can see every stitch clearly without straining your eyes.

NeverMiss™ Automatic Needle Threader™

The NeverMiss Automatic Needle Threader does exactly what it promises. It’s never been this fast or easy—the Ellisimo Gold threads your needle with little more than the push of a button.


Baby Lock IQ Technology™

Baby Lock IQ Technology is what makes Baby Lock machines so smart and efficient. IQ Technology works with the “brain” of your machine to help achieve exactly what you desire.

Baby Lock IQ Technology682 Built-in-Stitches

The Ellisimo Gold includes a stitch for every type of project, no matter where your inspiration leads. Plus, if you want more you can customize your stitches and save them for future use. Changes made to your stitches are instantly processed and displayed on the LCD screen, so you can check and edit, it only takes a second to change it again. Find and create stitches for every occasion.

Hoops of all sizes for nearly every project

  • Extra large 8″ x 12″ (200mm x 300mm)
  • Square 8″ x 8″ (200mm x 200mm)
  • Medium 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm)
  • Small 1″ x 2-1/2″ (20mm x 60mm)

Bobbin Work Capabilities

Add a bit of personality, texture, and style to your projects through the use of the Ellisimo Gold’s bobbin work capabilities.


Stop By For A Visit…. You Will Have “Sew” Much Fun!


Baby Lock Enterprise Embroidery Machine


The Baby Lock Enterprise Embroidery Machine is in our showroom now.

Stop by and take a “test Sew” with one of our experts. See how effortlessly the Enterprise can handle your embroidery needs.


Baby Lock Enterprise Embroidery Machine Description
Embrace your enterprising spirit and get the most out of a multi-needle machine with Baby Lock. With 10 needles and a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, this machine is ideal for anyone looking for industrial power in a home embroidery machine.

Baby Lock IQ Technology™ powers smart, user-friendly features, such as the NeedleCam™ Digital Camera, by working with the “brain” of the Enterprise to achieve the results you desire. The Enterprise is perfect for your most detailed embroidery designs and can help any embroidery business grow.

On-Screen Editing

With the Enterprise editing features, you can combine, reposition, resize, rotate and mirror your designs and watch as the changes happen instantly on the LCD screen. Alter designs individually, or group design elements together to quickly move or edit the design.

Baby Lock Enterprise Embroidery Machine 10 NeedlesBaby Lock IQ Technology 10 Needles

With the Baby Lock Enterprise you get both quantity and quality. With 10 needles, the Enterprise gives you the opportunity to take on more than ever before. Large designs, multiples, or even gorgeous 10-color designs can be embroidered with minimal set-up or thread changes at a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

Baby Lock Enterprise Embroidery Machine Needle Cam Digital CameraBaby Lock IQ Technology NeedleCam™Digital Camera

Thanks to the NeedleCam digital camera, your needle area can be clearly shown on the LCD screen. With this view, you can see exactly where the needle will drop. Also the Enterprise recognizes the embroidery positioning stickers and positions the embroidery automatically so you can place every design with extreme precision.

On-Screen Editing

With the Enterprise editing features, you can combine, reposition, resize, rotate and mirror your designs and watch as the changes happen instantly on the LCD screen. Alter designs individually, or group design elements together to quickly move or edit the design.

Linking Capabilities

Combined with the Enterprise, Palette 9 becomes the command center for your embroidery project and provides the ability to link up to 4 Baby Lock Multi-needle machines together. Linked machines can embroider the same or different designs.


Baby Lock Enterprise Embroidery Machine Front-Loading Bobbin SystemConvenient Bobbin System

The Enterprise has a unique front-loading bobbin system, with a vertical hook that allows you to change bobbins without removing your embroidery hoop.

14″ x 14″ Embroidery Hoop

The optional 14″ x 14″ (360mm x 360mm) jumbo hoop is perfect for large projects like jacket backs and quilt blocks. The jumbo hoop is activated through the Palette 9 embroidery software.


Stop By For A Visit – You Will Have “Sew” Much Fun




Baby Lock Symphony Sewing and Quilting Machine


The Baby Lock Symphony is well suited for quilting and embroidery.

Below you can see a partial list of the Symphony’s many advanced features.

You are welcome to stop by for a “test sew” with one of our experts and see how well the Symphony works for you.

Baby Lock Symphony Sewing and Quilting MachineSymphony Sewing Machine Description
So many quilting features, the Symphony will be music to your ears. With 460 stitches, 17 feet, and a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, you can hit all the right notes. These amazing features come together to allow you to quilt with a full range of creativity.

Symphony Features

LCD Touch Screen (240 x 320)

The Symphony’s easy-to-read touch screen makes it simple to access your machine’s stitches and settings.

460 Built-in Stitches

Choose from 460 built-in stitches with a maximum stitch width of 7mm to quilt at speeds of up to 1,000 spm. You can even combine and save stitches to your machine or PC.

Automatic Fabric Sensor System

The Automatic Fabric Sensor System continuously senses your fabric to deliver the perfect amount of pressure and thread tension when quilting with layers.

Baby Lock Symphony Quick-Set Top-Loading BobbinQuick-Set, Top-Loading Bobbin

The top loading bobbin case lets you focus on your sewing. It’s jam-proof because the top-loading bobbin keeps the thread right where you need it.

Built-in Stitch Memory

Remembering the best stitch for your favorite projects is easy with the built-in stitch memory, which lets you edit and save your stitch width, length or even your own pattern.


Baby Lock Symphony Advanced Needle Threader & Automatic Thread CutterAdvanced Needle Threader & Automatic Thread Cutter

The Advanced Needle Threader lets you thread with one hand, with five LED lights illuminating the workspace. The Symphony will even automatically cut the upper and lower threads for you.

Advanced Pivoting Feature

Pivot your fabric without interrupting your work. This makes turning corners, following curves and maneuvering around appliqué shapes hassle free.

USB Type B

Quickly save stitches to your PC, and easily access future machine upgrades with this USB Type B port.

Stop By For A Visit – You Will Have “Sew” Much Fun


Our First Press Release


sew many blessings new front door facing Adams Ave in Huntington, WVWith the new website, the project gallery, the new Facebook Page and the Pinterest Board we are excited.

The first press release written about us and our new location has just been sent out.

Here is the link to the press release:


West Virginia Mountain Quilt Quest Shop Hop 2013



A West Virginiasewmanyblessings3
Quilt Shop Hop Adventure
June 5, 6, 7,8 2013
Wednesday thru Saturday
9 am – 8 pm Wednesday – Friday
9 am – 4 pm Saturday

This year’s theme is “Celebrate”. We are celebrating
the 10th Anniversary of the Mountain Quilt Quest Shop
Hop, West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial – 150 years of
statehood and various quilt activities statewide.

This 4-day event is filled with fabric, fun and prizes.
Each of the 11 quilt shops will have a different pattern
and fabric kit. Our patterns are designed by a local
Huntington, WV artist, Eileen Farren, and share the
theme of celebrating West Virginia and quilting. When
you have collected all 11 kits you will be able to create a
wonderful quilt as a memory of your journey.

Come and join us in wild, wonderful West Virginia. With
2013 being our 150th birthday there are many activities
around the state. We invite you to visit www.wvtourism.com
and find Civil War sites, train rides, whitewater
rafting and just beautiful scenery.

Be sure to visit the WV Quilters Show in
Summersville, June 20-22, 2013
Visit www.wvquilters.org for more info.
Mark your calendar for June 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2013. We
hope you’ll come meander through “Wild, Wonderful,
West Virginia”. Please call each shop or visit the shop
hop web site for more detailed directions. www.mountainquiltquest.com


A Quilt Nook, LLC
2116 Ripley Road (SR62S)
Ripley, WV 25271
Owner: Ruth Hollandsworth

I-77 to exit 138. Follow Route 62 S travelling away from Ripley. Shop
is 1.5 miles on 62S, right hand side, between Farm Credit and Church.
Look for quilt block on side of building.
Hours: Tues. 10-5, Wed. 10-9, Thurs.-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-2
Full service quilt shop. Janome dealer & repair shop. Parking for RV’s & Busses.


Classic Quilt Shop
1704 West Pike Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Janet Baer, owner

Directions: Take exit 119 on I-79. Go west on Rt. 50. In Clarksburg,
take the West Pike St. exit. Go south on Rt. 19. Turn left into the Shop
N Save plaza.
Hours: Mon.-Tues. 9-9, Wed-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-3. Closed Sunday.
Books, patterns, notions, threads, Machine embroidery and hand
embroidery supplies. We have a large assortment of Civil War fabrics
and 30’s reproductions. We carry Moda, Benartex, P&B, Maywood,
Timeless Treasures and Marcus fabrics (just to name a few)


Elkins Sewing Center
300 Davis Ave.
Elkins, WV 26241
Sue Pifer, owner

Directions: I-79 to exit 99. Go East 40 miles on Route 33 to Crystal
Springs Exit to Elkins (old Rt. 33). At third light go right on Davis Ave.
Three blocks on the left.
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5 Fri. evening til 7
Husqvarna – Viking retailer serving quilters since 1982 with complete
quilting and sewing supplies and classes.


Parkersburg Sewing & Quilting Center
1809 Dupont Road, Suite 3
Parkersburg, WV 26101
Owner: Sheryl Carpenter

Directions: I-77, Exit Rt. 50 West. Take Division St. exit.
Follow Rt. 14 South to Rt. 95 West. Go to the second light, turn right
into K-Mart / Kroger shopping plaza. We are in the blue building on the
left beside the K-Mart Garden Center.
Hours: Mon.- Fri. 10-5, Sat, 10-2
Full service quilt shop. We are a full line Babylock dealer, HQ dealer,
Singer repairs and parts.


Quilts by Phyllis, Inc.
2943 Putnam Ave.
Hurricane, WV 25526
Phyllis Handley, owner

Directions: I-64, Exit 34 to Hurricane, South on Route 34 to left at China
Wok. Shop in Plaza.
Hours: Tues-Fri 9-5, Sat. 9-4
APQS longarm machine dealer. Full service quilt shop with over 4,000
bolts of fabric, classes, quilting supplies, and machine quilting services

Quilts and More
632 Milroy Grose Road
Lansing, WV 25862
Debra Davis, owner

Directions: 2 miles north of New River Gorge bridge on Rt. 19. Near
Fayetteville and just six miles from old location, 3 miles south of Rt. 60.
Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri 10-5, Tues, Sat. 10-4
Top quality fabric and supplies, custom pre-cut kits, quilt classes, custom
quilts, antique and collectible consignment shop.


Quilt Shoppe LLC
521 Main Street
Summersville, WV 26651
Vicki Fleer, owner

Directions: Traveling on Route 19, exit onto route 39 West in
Summersville and travel into town (right at Y in front of Go-Mart).
We are on the corner straight thru our only stoplight. Parking on street
along side of building.
Hours: Tues-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-3
Full service quilt shop.


Sew Many Blessings
1925 Adams Ave
Huntington, WV 25704
304-429-0050 toll free 866-317-5100
Owners: Winona Bays & Heidi Smithers

From WV – I-64 – take exit 6 – West Huntington. Then take Madison
Ave. ext. At bottom of ramp turn left onto Madison Ave. Then turn right at
light (19th St.) Turn left at next light (Adams Ave.) and we are on the left in
white building before Dairy Queen.
Hours: Mon. Wed. 10-5, Tues. Thurs. 10-8, Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-3
Full service quilt shop. We carry the latest in Moda, P&B, Clothworks,
Blank, etc. We have over 1,500 bolts and a large selection of patterns &
notions. Full Line Babylock & Floriani dealer.


Sneeds Vacuum & Sewing Center
2614 7th Avenue
Charleston, WV 25387-1835
Regina Sneed, owner

Directions: I-64, Exit 56 Montrose, exit north to MacCorkle Ave. E.,
turn right (E) on MacCorkle, cross Patrick St. Bridge, turn left at third
traffic light (7th Ave.) 7 blocks to 2614 on right.
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30, Sat 9-1
Serving WV since 1956 and the largest Bernina sewing machine dealer
in WV, offering classes.


The Sew Inn, Ltd.
120 High Street
Morgantown, WV 26505
Ginny Showers, owner

Directions: I-79 Exit 148 to I-68 Exit to Route 119N, 3.8 miles, right on
Pleasant St. right on High St.
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5
Husqvarna – Viking dealer, quilting supplies, classes and over 3,500 bolts
of fabric. Long arm service available. Serving the area since 1973.


The Stitching House and Sew Much More, LLC
29 South Kanawha St.
Buckhannon, WV 26201
Owners: Linda Childers & Beth Pickens

Directions: I-79, Exit 99. Rt. 33 East (12 miles) to the Rt. 119/20,
Buckhannon/Philippi exit in Buckhannon. Turn right (left if coming
from Elkins) at the end of the ramp. At the second light, turn left on to
Main Street. Then turn right at the next light on to Kanawha Street. One
block to red brick home on right. Free parking behind shop.
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat. 10-3
Full service quilt shop featuring a Gammill showroom, longarm quilting
services available.


The West Virginia Division of Culture and History and the West
Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission are partnering to
have a special Sesquicentennial quilt on display in 2013 and to add
quilting activities to the annual West Virginia Juried Quilt Exhibition,
which will be on display in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center from
Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Our state motto: “Mountaineers are always Free” 1863-2013

Demo Machine Sale!


elliaimo-046_final_511Come try out the Baby Lock “Demo Machines” we have on sale. 

The Ellisimo , Ellegante 3 and Eclipse DX  are all on sale. 

Please call us for Special Pricing (304) 429-0050 or (866) 317-5100.

The Demo’s are SOLD Out.